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Women's Journey




Experiences for Women and About Women

Women's trips can be as spiritually uplifting as they are intellectually challenging. We will create for you the ideal balance of sites, activities and meetings - the perfect Woman's Journey.

In the Footsteps of Great Jewish Women

The lives, stories and lessons of great Jewish women can be experienced in and around their original landscapes. The Matriarchs as shepherdesses, Miriam's Well, Devorah, Bruriah, Donna Gracia, Hanna Maizel, Rachel the poetess, Henrietta (Hadassah) Szold, Naomi Shemer and others have inspiring stories, still relevant - and breathtaking scenery serves as their backdrop.

Choose your inspiration!



The Women of Teveria (Tiberias)

Billha, Zilpah, Yocheved, Elisheva and Avigail all come together in a side road of Tiberias at the "Tomb of the Matriarchs".  The stories of Rachel, wife of Rabbi Akiva, and Bruriah, wife of Rabbi Meir, allow a peek into the challenges of couple-hood in the days of the sages. Are these stories of the Talmud still relevant today?

Gender in History

  • A biblical femme fatale Jezebel in Jezrael (Tel Yizrael)

  • Biblical women as supporting characters: The wife of… at the Tomb of the Matriarchs. (Tiberias) 

  • Division of labor and equality –The story of Devorah and Barak. (Mt. Tabor) 

  • Women's Wisdom – The wise women of Abel Bet Ma'acha and Serach daughter of Asher (Upper Gallilee):  

  • Gender equality and the pioneer women of the second Aliya. Ideology and reality (Kinneret Farm)

  • Equality in the IDF - Visit IDF Base where most of the commanders are women and speak with them about their experiences.

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The Feminine Side of Zefat

Through the charming alleyways nestled in the mountains of the Gallilee, meet female artists, visit the Breslav Mikvah and learn about the "Shchina" – the Kabbalistic feminine aspect of G-d – all come together to make this a colorful and spiritual  Zefat experience.

Women's Nature Journeys

Experience the landscapes of Israel, up close and personal, while enjoying the exhilaration of spending a day in nature. From full day hikes or short walks tailored to what works for you. Click here for more outdoor ideas.



Workshops and Classes

Roll up your sleeves and participate in art, basket weaving or Israeli fusion cooking classes; create natural olive oil cosmetics, learn Israeli dancing and more. Meet the locals, learn something new and have a great time.

Face to Face - Meet Israeli Women

Arists – Judaica and modern art: Meet the women who express their spirit through their creative work.. 

Arab Women's' Craft Collectives: Meet women who are working to empower their local communities and better their lives and the lives of others.

Entrepreneurs: Meet women who have followed their passions to create unique and succesful businesses.

Women who make a difference: Whether its in science, research, security, education, bussness, or Torah study, women are at the forefront in their fields.  

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