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Bat/Bar Mitzvah


Give your son or daughter (and yourselves!) the ulimate gift. Connect with Jewish tradition and Israel and create an unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience. 


This is the time to do something different. Get your camera out! Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips will be an experience they won't forget.


Check out these ideas for creating your experience and choose your path!

Get inspired!

In the Paths of inspiring Jewish Women

There are so many role models to choose from - and so many fun ways to learn about them! Tend sheep like Rachel and Rebecca; Hike the Tabor like Deborah; Find Miriam's Well by the Sea of the Galilee; Dress up like Donna Gracia; Discover pioneering like Rachel the poetess; Support childrens' institutions like Henrietta Szold, Participate in a short basic training exercise at an army base where most of the commanders are women, and more.


In the Paths of Inspiring Jewish Men

So many male role models have had an impact on the Jewish people. Try passing the test of Gideon the Judge; Follow Elijah to the Carmel; Tend sheep and ride donkeys like the Patriarchs; Study Maimonides in Tiberias; Pioneer with A.D. Gordon at Deganya; Find the oak tree that gave Yigal Alon his name; Visit combat soldiers protecting Israel's borders, and more.


Bat/Bar Mitzvah Projects

Israel Paths and People will help you plan and execute a Bar/Bat Mitzvah project. Raise money for an institution of your choice or visit various programs - each aimed at making Israel a better place - and bring your findings back to your community. Create a walk–a-thon or hike-a-thon of your own. Spend a day pursuing your own interests: animals, dance, art and sports are just some examples. We will work with you to create a meaningful experience that is tailored to your child and your family.


Tikkun Olam – Fixing the World

There are so many ways one can make the world a better place. Join activities of local organizations, pick food for the needy in the Jezereel Valley, visit kennels for guide dogs, Plant trees in a JNF forest and more.


What's in a Name?

Your name, birthday and family story could be the makings for an inspiring Bat/ Bar Mitzvah adventure.


What's Your Favorite Mitzvah? 


Q. What do saving sea turtles, seeing how a shofar is made, visiting a courtroom,volenteering in a soup kitchen have in common?


A. Mitzvahs. holy deeds, are part of every facet of our life.  We create with each family a mitzvah day where we explore your favorite mitzvah. Your own hobbies and interests are transformed into a fun and meaningful Mitzvah Day.



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Get Physical!

Walk the Land - What better way to connect to the Land and its history than with a hike? The Israel Trail - Shvil Yisrael - chosen by National Geographic as one of the 20 best trails in the world! Hike a section of the trail that best suits the season of your visit as well as the length of the hike you prefer.


From Sea to Sea -Yam L'Yam– cross the breadth of the country in a 4-5 day adventure, or do highlights.


The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Challenge - Participate in extreme sports like rappelling, uphill climbing . caving and more. Bat/ Bar Mitzvah kids are no wimps!

Check out The Great *Israeli* Outdoors for more ideas




Get To It!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony 

So many meaningful backdrops for your Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremony to choose from, The Kotel in Jerusalem, ancient synagogues in the Galilee, beautiful vistas and more.


The Celebration

What is a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah without a festive meal? We suggest venues that support programs of at risk youth, people with special needs, or in beautiful locations, or with historic significance. The food festivities become another meaningful part of the Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebration.



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