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The Great * Israeli* Outdoors

At Israel Paths and People we believe that nature touches everyone. Israel's natural settings are incredibly diverse - from the green Galilee in the north to the dramatic desert in the south. Walks and hikes in Israel are not only about natural beauty but also tell amazing stories of history. Visit places of historical or religious significance, ancient fortresses and synagogues. Throughout time, the landscape has influenced the history of the land - and it continues to do so today. We invite you to include nature into your Israel activities.


Seasons of Israel

During winter and spring the countryside comes to life with endless wildflowers in every color and a soft green covers the landscape. Even the desert is pleasant for long hikes and grows plants and flowers. Israel boasts two major bird migratory routes and is an important stop before they continue over the desert to Africa.  These seasons allow for exploring nature and historical sites that otherwise are too hot to enjoy.


Summer in Israel is hot and sunny. Therefore we choose outdoor adventures accordingly, such as forests, springs, rivers and water activities. Hike in the desert at daybreak or enjoy moonlight hiking adventures.

Walk the Land

Here are a few of the modular hiking options we offer:.


The Israel Trail  crosses the length of Israel passing through some of the most impressive views, and historical sites. National Geographic has named it as one of the 20 best trails in the world! We will work with you to select the trail that best suits the season of your visit as well as the length of the hike you prefer. 


Israel from Sea to Sea - A 4-day hike, from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of the Galilee. We make all the arrangements for comfortable accommodations and transfer of personal belongings.


Half-Day Hike Option: Hike highlights of sea to sea trail while  filling the second half of the day with personal encounters and meetings in the different communities along the way. A village of Kurdistan Jews on the border of Lebanon,a Druze women's craft cooperative and the vibrant spiritual world of the women of Zefat are just some of the half day options.


Enjoy the views – If hiking isn’t your thing but you would love to enjoy the sheer beauty of the country, the breathtaking views and interesting cultural experiences,then the "views" tour, tailored to every ability, is for you.

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"To Work the Land and Keep It - Ecology in Israel

Israel's location at the edge of the global desert, the blessings of high standard of living and a rising population make ecological considerations crucial. Create a day or more to visit migratory bird sites, water distribution and recycling centers, organic farms, waste recycling facilities and more. Visit places that try to find a balance between people and nature.


Adrenaline Rush

Rappelling in riverbeds or in the famous Keshet cave, Rafting in the Jordan River or in canoes in the Mediterranean at the Rosh Hanikra grottos;  Or, ride a jeep in the Golan Heights along the rivers or by the Syrian Border.

Choose your adrenaline rush!


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