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Israel in Depth

You take your travel seriously and want to understand and experience a subject in depth. 


Israel Paths and People gives you the opportunity to learn with the historical sites, archeology, geography and beautiful views serving as your text books and study aids.

An In-depth Look into Israel's History

History of the Jews in the Land of Israel – Choose the themes you want to explore or spend a day on each historical period for a comprehensive understanding of the history of this Land.




Biblical Period - The challenge of faith and the making of a people; Visit  Mt. Tabor, Tel Dan, Mt. Gilboa, Mt. Carmel, Harod Springs and more




Second Temple, Mishna and Talmudic Periods - Jewish creativity amidst foreign culture; Zippori, Bet Shean, Tiberias, Beit Alpha, Beit Shearim and more…




Middle Ages: Early Islam, Crusader and Mamaluke Periods - The "Mistarbim"- the Jewish People who never left the land, and the Sephardic Jews. Visit Zefat, Peki'in, Shfaram, Tiberias.




Settling the Land of Israel -.The return of the Jewish People in the modern period and reclamation and settlment of the Land. Visit Rosh Pina, Zichron Yaakov, Metulla, Kinneret, Deganya and more



A Tale of Two Cities

Fight the Roman invaders or open the gates and submit? Visit the ancient sites of Zippori and Yodfat (Jodapata) for an account of ancient Jewish politics and beautiful views. 

The Sanhedrin

The Path of the Sanhedrin – Explore the institution in the different seats of the Sanhedrin: Usha, Zippori, Shefaram, Beit Shearim and Tiberias.

The Paths of the Rabbis

The Rabbis of the Mishna and the Talmud – the Tanaim and Amoraim – lived, studied and created in the Galilee. Ancient tradition marks their tombs. Many geographical locations are weaved into the stories of the Midrash. A day of touring and learning around the personalities and stories from the Mishna and Talmud.

The Roman Empire in Judea

Visit the theaters, amphitheaters, markets and catacombs of Ceasaria, Bet She'arim, Sepphoris, or Beit Shean –Western global culture in the Judean provence. What happens when east meets west?

Christian Galilee - Not Just for Pilgrims

Christian sites in the Galilee are of historical, cultural and religious importance. They also serve as a window into Jewish life in the Galilee in the 1st Century. Visit Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum, Magdela and the Jordan River.

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The Crusader Kingdom

Mountain fortresses, hidden tunnels and an underground city – Visit the crusader capital of the second kingdom in Acre; explore Belvoir, Montfort, the Horns of Hattin and more. 

Ramle - A Gem off the Beaten Track

Just 20 minutes from Tel Aviv is a true gem off the beaten track. An Underground water cistern in which you can row a boat, a beautiful crusader church transformed into a mosque, the center of Karaite Judaism, a famous market, Harry Potter's tomb and more.

Acco (Acre) in Depth

The history of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Greeks, Turks, Bosnian, French and Italians meet up in this colorful multifaceted port city. Tour the alleyways, antiquities, markets, sea walls, synagogues and mosques.

Eternal Jerusalem

The History of Jerusalem  From King David and the Kings of Judea to modern times - Visit highlights inside the Old City or spend time exclusivly within in the Jewish Quarter.



Jerusalem the Holy – What is it about this city that has made it the focus of both prayers and wars? Visit the sites holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Visit Mt Zion with traditions of all three.



From the Jewish Quarter to Capital City – Visit the first neighborhoods and institutions to leave the confines and security of the walled city to create the  largest city in Israel .


Architecture of Jerusalem – One city has examples of architectural styles spanning different parts of the world and centuries of history. A walking tour to see the highlights.



The Inside Story – Get to know the people of Jerusalem -Ultra orthodox Jews , Christians , Muslims, artists; hosts from different ethnic background invite you into their homes for an unforgettable, informal Jerualem experience.

Jewish Art-Israeli Art

Explore Jewish artistic expression from antiquity to contemporary Israeli art. Visit smaller galleries, studios, public sculptures and more.

The Hebrew City - Tel Aviv

The Port of Jaffa, Neve Zedek, the train station, Rothchild Blvd,, Habima and Rabin Square tell the story of Tel Aviv, the city of visionaries, which was born in the sands of the Mediterranian. Wear comfortable shoes!

Borders and People – Living on the Edge

Travel along Israel's borders with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Meet the people, the diverse populations who live along the borders. Take in the breathtaking views. How were the borders created? How is life on the edge? Come see with your own eyes!

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