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Family Fun

There is nothing like a family adventure in Israel to create memories.


 At Israel Paths and People we are family people too. We know that when our kids are fed and happy, we are happy too. We know that kids like to move and to be active. We also know that there is no substitute for quality time with grandparents. When travelling with the family, programs need to be flexible and dynamic. Each family adventure is planned with you to keep both young and young at heart engaged and having fun.

Play - Israel Outdoors

The outdoors brings families together - from scenic walks or challenging hikes in nature to rafting on the Jordan River, horseback riding, and jeep rides. Check out The Great *Israeli* Outdoors for more options..


Kids (and adults) love food! How do you stuff a grape leaf? What's kanafeh? Visit exciting markets and taste the local fare, learn to cook an authentic Israeli meal, Taste date honey,participate in a chocolate workshop and more (Kosher)!

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Create a mosaic, Jewish art or basket weaving in a family workshop. Farm on an organic farm, pick olives (seasonal) or vegetables in the fields for the needy, learn Kabala tai chi and more!


Experience different cultures – Ethiopian Jews, Druze, Bedouin and Circassian. Visit the different villages and towns,share their culture, food and stories.


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