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Israel Paths and People travel company creates Israel experiences to take you beneath the surface. Our aim is to widen your view, to let you participate, to give you opportunities to see Israel from a different angle and most importantly—to enjoy.


Touch nature and be touched by it; walk in the paths of history and learn from it. We will introduce you to real people, show you the complexity and vibrant life behind the headlines and textbooks. Whatever you know or don't know about Jewish or Christian history or Middle Eastern politics is a perfect place to start. We make sure you see things up close — and personal.


Most of the itineraries are in the North, the Galilee, because it has it all: Diverse populations, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Circassians each preserving their own heritage but sharing, peacefully, common landscape. Nature Excursions are perfect all year round with splashy water hikes in summer and brilliant wildflower trails in winter. It boasts important historical, biblical and religious sites for both the Jewish and Christian religions.


We also create Israel Paths and People itineraries for experiences throughout the country mixing the best of personal experience, nature and history.


Each one of us is different – so each Israel experience we create with you, to fit your interests, your family, the season of the year, your curiosity. From day trips to  two week trips throuout the country. Mix and match the different activities to create a perfect Israel experience for you. Create your path.

Aliza Avshalom


After guiding diverse groups of synagogues, families, youth groups, academic missions and Christian tourists for over 20 years, I've found that all people care about meaning, want to be challenged and to have experiences that move them. So many jewels of Israel, both places and people are often overlooked.That's why I created Israel Paths and People.


Born in the USA, I made Aliya 30 years ago. My  degrees are in Land of Israel studies, Jewish History and Rabbinical Literature, in addition to the Ministry of Tourism course becoming a licenced tour guide. I love hiking and mountain biking as well as learning and teaching Jewish texts. I am awed by nature and am also a bit of a history geek. But what I love most is the way these all come together:  when you finally really "get" the Jewish text because of the geography and the history of the site you are visiting. When archeology illustrates the history you learned - and when we are bursting to tell how this historical story intersects with our contemporary personal one. 


I live in a beautiful village in the Gallil with my husband and children. I feel extremely blessed to live and work in the most amazing country; a country with deep diverse history, meaningful religious traditions, non-stop inspirations, a brave and idealistic people amidst stunning landscapes that reveal ever-changing nature. I love introducing people to this land and I love seeing it through new eyes each time.


I can't wait to share all this with you.

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